What To Do After An Accident


1. Get Treatment

Call Rocky Mountain Accident Care and schedule an appointment to see our medical accident specialist. It is extremely important that you get checked as soon as possible for injuries. Make sure to follow your doctor’s treatment plan.

2. Get a copy of your accident report

Call the local law enforcement agency that responded to your accident and request your accident report.

3. Write down what you remember

While the details are still fresh, write down everything you can remember about the accident. Taking these notes now will help you more clearly remember them at a later time.

4. Call your insurance company

Your auto insurance policy most likely requires you to give notice of your accident. Provide basic information, but do not give a recorded statement.

5. Don’t talk to other insurance companies

If you are contacted by a representative from any other company, do not give a recorded statement or even casually discuss the accident. Refer the representative to your lawyer. Never accept a settlement offer – not even for your automobile – until your lawyer has reviewed it first.

6. Take a break from social media

Insurance companies keep a close eye on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media in hopes of finding info that can be used against auto accident victims. The safest route to take is to stay away from those accounts until your accident case is closed.

7. Store everything in a folder

You’ll want to keep all accident-related paperwork stored in a folder. This includes any receipts for auto repairs, any and all medical bills, as well as W-2s from your employer to show missed time at work. Would you like to get a FREE folder and accident guide sent to you? Click on the FREE Accident Guide offer on this page!

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